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Chandra Dieppa Ortiz

I am a professional artist and educator. I specialise in creating artistic works and collaborative experiences that use a historical lens to illustrate the beauty and struggle of the times in which we live, in order to build community and create insight and momentum in addressing issues of injustice and marginality in artistic, community and educational settings.
I worked for many years in the field of UX design. As a freelancer, and then as a staff member, I had the privilege to work in a number of major firms in the field of web design in Washington DC. However, most of all I remember my experience in the company FuseLabcreative. It was a very positive and productive experience. My illustrations became part of projects, many of which now can be found on the company's website in the portfolio section.
Moreover, I remember their professional attitude to the work of the whole team. Each employee perfectly represents the essence of its job descriptions and brilliantly cope with it. And all together we worked as a single mechanism for coping with the tasks of the customers efficiently and on time.
I try to use my capabilities of Illustrator to create a modern and trendy elements and compositions for websites, being closer to art and not to technical work. I want my works not only brings success and profit to the sites in which they are applied, but also gave the people visiting these sites the feeling of something beautiful and magical. Only in this manner I can fully unleash my personal creativity.
By my portfolio I try to show you, that if I take part in Your project, You can be for 100% sure, that Your website will not only have excellent usability and ergonomics, but also high artistic value and exceptional beauty.

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